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What will the Scale(Up) Alps Project deliver?

Find out about our key activities:

Scale(up) Alps Open Platform

The Scale(up) Alps Open Platform helps Startups and Scaleups in the Alpine Space to find out about support for growth opportunities in the Alpine Space and allows to build a community to exchange experiences.

Stakeholder Training Webinars

In the Webinars section you can participate in stakeholder training Webinars and learn how to build an Ecosystem Canvas.

Scaleups’ network

On our Website go to ‘Admissions’ to connect to other Entrepreneurs across Europe, and find out more about EU funding and legislation and important topics for Scaleups in the Alpine Space.

Piloting activities

Work package 3 will offer 3 full-fledged pilot schemes to at least 60 out of 100 selected Alpine Space Scale-ups. You can find out about events across Europe in our Events Calendar, as well as read about opportunities in the News section.

Promotional materials

Scale(Up) Alps promotional materials for Entpreneurs, Startups and Scaleups include: leaflets, brochure and poster (printed and e-format), PowerPoint/prezi presentations, a video, plus scaleup testimonials. These materials will be shared with Alpine Space stakeholders, municipalities and other agencies, institutions and promoters.

SCALE(UP) ALPS will build a Alpine Space ecosystem connecting the players of entrepreneurial hubs in larger cities (e.g. Munich, Vienna, Nice, Torino and Ljubljana) in order to  provide a greater range and quality services to ambitious entrepreneurs who want to launch and grow companies in the Alpine Space as well as in smaller towns in order to support entrepreneurship with growth ambitions.

Stay tuned: http://www.alpine-space.eu/projects/scale-up-alps/en/home

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