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1. Who should join the community?

The Scale(Up) Alps Community consists of founders of startups and scaleups. Moreover stakeholders and investors are invited to join to match and discuss relevant topics.

Learning from other Scaleups

It is an important function of your community of entrepreneurs to be aware of what is going on with each other’s businesses and really understand the complete story of what is happening in the business.


2. Application

The application for the community is simple. Just fill out the form, your registration is free of charge (no membership fees apply) and you have free access to materials, resources and webinars for scaleups.

One of the biggest functions of a community of entrepreneurs is to pass on the knowledge that has been gathered from experienced professionals to the less experienced entrepreneurs. But this is also a place where you can find a mentor, and/or become a mentor for someone else.

Review Process

3. Community Membership

Your community membership brings the following benefits for you:

  • Private messaging: This enables you to have private one on one conversations with other members
  • Member Profile: As a member can fill in a bit of information about yourself and  you can find out more about others in the community
  • Status updates: As a member you can post short notes on your profile about what you’re working on, what’s on your mind and so on.

You can create the community you want with the right outlook! But it starts with you.


4. Success

Learning new business skills:

A great action that can yield some forward thinking achievement in your community group is to learn new business skills together.

Your community of Scaleup entrepreneurs and experts can offer services and skill sets to make the lives of entrepreneurs easier!

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“The Alpine Space offers lots of opportunities for Scaleups.”

Michael Mueller, Scaleup Founder

“I use the 80 Patterns for Scaleup Development in my Business. They helped me a lot to focus on key activities.”

Melissa Varese, Scaleup Founder

“The exchange with members from the community is great. I learnt a lot from the exchange with entrepreneurs with the same problems.”

Paul Gremiens, Scaleup Founder