SCALE(up)ALPS corner on the biggest international fair in Slovenia

///SCALE(up)ALPS corner on the biggest international fair in Slovenia

The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia presented the final outputs of the project at the occasion of the international fair in Celje (Slovenia), 12.09.2019. At the so called »SCALE(up)ALPS corner« the BSOs and SMEs got the chance to get familiar with the project results as well as they got information on the forthcoming activities beyond the project duration, namely with the scaleup network partneship. The project staff invited them all to be part of the follow up activities beyond the project duration and also to join the Scale(Up)Alps Community. The importance of international cooperation and doing business abroad, in Alpine region and regions bordering like Adrian region, was also stressed at the panel, organised on 12.09.2019, where 3 companies talked about doing business in alpine region.

The panel “In the company of successful” and international matchmaking event, attended by over 200 companies from 9 countries was organized by CCSBS in collaboration with Advantage Austria, the New Alpe Adria Chambers Network and the Enterprise Europe Network. Event and B2B was great opportunity for gaining new business, sharing experiences, exchanging information and developing ideas for new projects.