Scaling companies share their stories, Episode 2

//Scaling companies share their stories, Episode 2

Smart Optometry, a member of Technology Park Ljubljana, shares its experience in episode 2 of our series.

Since its foundation in 2015, Smart Optometry released two products on the market. The first one is an eye diagnostics app Smart Optometry, with over 75.000 users around the world. The second solution is AmblyoPlay – a special game for children up to 14 years of age, who have amblyopia – more commonly known as lazy eye. There are two important facts contributing to the success of both solutions on the market. SmartOptometry in freely available and became a strong channel to a very specific segment of medical specialists. AmblyoPlay is classified as an exercise tool, not a medical device. “We had numerous discussions with experts from our field regarding whether or not we should qualify as a medical device. In the end, experts from an incubator in Chicago argumented that AmblyoPlay can be defined as training and as such falls into wellness category. Additionally, by deciding against classification as a medical device, we avoided lengthy certification processes,” says the CEO Žan Menart.

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