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Connecting Founders, Investors, Professionals, Students and Start-up Enthusiasts worldwide.  This event will be held online. Start&Spread, the pitch event of the biggest Start-up Space in Europe, the UnternehmerTUM, is just around the corner!!! Be there and see the next generation of start-ups from Manage And More* pitching their newest business ideas and competing for the Manage And More founders award as well as external start-ups participating in a second final. All teams get the chance to win legendary prizes and are looking for investments, cooperation and outstanding interns to come on board. Join the online event full of intriguing pitches, inspirational talks, two thrilling [...]

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Alpine Space Action Plan


During the local policy Action Group Meetings in Krems (08/11/2017) and in Munich (22/11/2017) important topics for a Scaleup Alpine Space Action Plan were discussed. Three areas of main interest emerged: 1. Scaleup Marketing and Access to markets, 2. Scaleup Financing and Access to Finance for Scaling Up and 3. Talent Management and Active Sourcing.     Regarding the three areas IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems set up Stakeholder Trainings (offered January 2018 - April 2018) and created SASA (Scaleups Alpine Space Ambassador) a certified Scaleup Community programme in order to build a community of engaged people with regard to [...]

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